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(for kids 5-6 years of age)

A joyful and engaging experience to share with your children. During the 90-minute class, the kids get "awakened" to musical listening by means of their action/reaction to sound, which will stimulate their rhythmic coordination while in motion (individually and as a group) and of the use of small percussion instruments. They will be presented with a series of funny educational songs, written for this very purpose by prof. Claudia Mattiotto and, through her piano's energizing sound, they will take part in a variety of playful exercises. Some of the exercises are even designed to be performed with the accompanying parent, allowing the kids to bring home new musical stimuli to play/work with.

The class meets once a month and the number of participants, also considering the presence of one parent for each child, is limited to 8. At this age, a child's best musical education should happen through singing, in the comfort of their home. One of our goals is indeed to provide families with adequate materials to promote their children's musical development.




(age range 6-11 years)

Enthusiasm, passion and competence are our ingredients in fostering children's desire and love for music in this annual collective course.
The term "rhythmics-solfeggio" shouldn't be seen as something boring or complex. Conversely, with the prefix "rhythmics",

Émile Jaques-Dalcroze meant to describe a learning journey of the musical grammar by means of one's movement, singing, and body coordination and expressivity.

The students follow piano inputs by the teacher, who engages them in an active listening activity, focused on the reaction to sound through body movement  and the use of their singing voice. This way, they'll be guided toward their own awareness of the musical language.
Additionally, children are taught how to use play metallophones to practice tuning and performance of the notes they learn lesson by lesson.

Time and day of the courses

LEVEL 1: Wednesday, 5:30 PM

LEVEL 2: Tuesday, 5:30 PM
LEVEL 3: Thursday, 5:30 PM

Attendance is weekly and runs from late September through the first week of June.
It ends in a public, theatrical performance during June.

FREE introductory lesson on Wednesday, October 4th!

(must be booked via email)

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