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(14 years and up)

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This is the most suitable program for students with an existing musical background, who plan to prepare professionally for piano competitions or Conservatory admission exams.

Each student will have their very own program based on their specific needs, and will be taught according to Vincenzo Scaramuzza's Rational Piano Technique.

Weekly 1-on-1 lessons of 60-minutes each

ACADEMIC program

(for Conservatory students and pianists in search of new techniques)

Tension in the muscles, cramps and even tendinitis in piano students are not at all uncommon, especially after days of uninterrupted practice on particularly challenging repertoires.

Vincenzo Scaramuzza's Rational Piano Technique was created with the very purpose of maximizing the musician's expressive range with the least physical effort. How? By using gravity and resistance to it through all that nature already provided us with: muscles, tendons, and an active or reactive neuro-muscular control of the arm's weight. Scaramuzza identifies in the arm-forearm-finger-rotation-strike system the "levers" to be used in order to perform

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any repertoire at best. Our program is tailored to the student's need: if it is about finding the right approach to a particular repertoire, or overcoming technical limitations, while preparing for a set of specific pieces for a competition or an exam, lessons will be held by prof. Guido Scano. If physical problems have already arised, requiring a "restoration" of the pianist's hand and posture, your instructor will be prof. Claudia Mattiotto.


Bi-weekly 1-on-1 lessons of 90 minutes each

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